About Mema Designs

about mema designs

a collaboration

‘mema designs’ studio is the result of a collaboration between Sian Eliot and Ari Geva.
With forty years’ experience between the two of us, and after a year in play, research and development, we offer a unique first product to the market, the Ukhamba ‘fan lamp’.

The origin of our collaboration is simple. When we met in 2013, Ari explained that after thirty years of working as an engineer he wanted to follow his long-time dream of making art. The timing was perfect, because I (Sian) had recently discovered Arduino boards and interactive art, and needed an electronics expert to join me in my new business. My past experience as an industrial designer co-creating the willowlamp lighting system (www.willowlamp.com) and Ari’s understanding of electronics thus made up a natural foundation for this inspiring and productive collaboration. And so the journey of ‘mema designs’ began at the cusp of 2013/2014.

In February 2015 we launched our first product – the Ukhamba lighting collection – at the Design Indaba 2015.

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