21 Particles

Special installation of 21 suspended mobile elements. Hang these mesh elements below the downlighter lamps in your ceiling. The projected light from the downlighters reflect and bounce through the mesh elements and create a beautiful and affordable hanging sculpture.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 16 cm

Mixed Colors, Shades of Bronze, Shades of Denim, Shades of Pale Gold, Shades of Pale Pink


Anodised Aluminium Mesh

Shade Height



To clean the mobile of loose dust or fallen articles, simply blow the individual components with a hairdryer on a medium or cool heat, blowing the dust outwards and away from the components. For heavier dust, use a spray bottle with 90% water mixed with 10% alcohol. Once you have sprayed the mobile with fine mist, blow dry with a hairdryer. The evaporating water loosens and carries the dust away.

If a stain is stubborn, use a small amount of acetone and clean gently with smooth cloth or small soft brush without exerting pressure on the mesh.


Spec Sheet (PDF)

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