Sconce Fan 600

Dramatically back-lit, this surface mounted Fan lamp becomes a feature.


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Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 62 × 62 × 28 cm

Bronze, Charcoal, Copper Pink, Pale Gold


Anodised Aluminium Mesh

Shade Height


Shade Width


Shade Depth


Lamp Weight





Indoor Use Only

Globe Type

LED Capsule

Luminaire Standard

IEC 60598-1:2008 CLASS II : IP20 LED CAPSULE – DIMMABLE,warm white 6 Watt; Warm white Voltage: 220-240 VAC* *Can be modified for 110V

Power Supply

Transformer Supplied




The lamps should be installed by a qualified electrician. The electrician should use the appropriate dimmer if dimmable LED lamps are used (recommended).

  1. Mount the wall plate to the wall using two screws appropriate forscrewing into the substrate (brick, timber etc).
  2. Pick up the lampshade, holding the fitting by the LED capsule. Align the 8mm tube of the shade to the mounting stud.
  3. Mount the lamp shade to the wall by screwing the brass component at the end of the 8mm diameter tube into the threaded stud in the centre of the wall plate, still holding the lamp by the LED capsule and turning the whole fitting (LED capsule + tube) until it has been screwed in tightly.
  4. Connect the mains power- AC – (blue and brown wires) to the power supply at the side of the power supply marked AC (blue and brown wires). The lamp is delivered with the power supply already connected to the lamp -DC- (red + black wires).
  5. Slide the cup along the electrical cable flush against the wall. Tighten the small grub screws at the bottom of the cup to fix in place.
  6. Now slide the shade and the fixing lid back towards the wall, clamping all in place by tightening the grub screw on the sliding collar.

Any excessive force can change this form and damage the lamp shade permanently. Do not press (with any force) onto the material with any sharp / hard objects. This may cause a dent or scratch that cannot be removed due to the “memory” feature of the metal mesh. Handle the lamp shade with care only with you bare hands. When removing it from the box hold it only at the outer or inner rings.


To clean the lamp shade of loose dust or fallen articles, simply blow the lamp with a hairdryer on a medium or cool heat from the underside of the lamp, blowing the dust outwards and away from the lamp. For heavier dust, use a spray bottle with 90% water mixed with 10% alcohol. Once you have sprayed the lamp with fine mist, blow dry with a hairdryer. The evaporating water loosens and carries the dust away.

Always hold the lamp shade at the outer ring, or wire neck ‘cage’ and do not grip the product on its’ mesh surface. If a stain is stubborn, use a small amount of acetone and clean gently with smooth cloth or small soft brush without exerting pressure on the mesh.


Spec Sheet (PDF)

Installation Guide (PDF)

High Resolution Image (ZIP Archive – 35mb)

3d Models (STP -ZIP Archive – 2mb)