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Generally the largest space in one’s home and usually forming the focal point of entertainment and activities, the living room is arguably one of the most important areas of one’s home. Perfectly placed exquisite pieces of furniture, sophisticated decor, and carefully selected fabrics are a few elements to pay close attention to when curating your living room space, however, lighting is an often overlooked but paramount part of the living room experience. Lighting has a wonderful way of setting a mood, creating an ambience at the flick of a switch, and spotlighting features in your living room that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Picking the best lighting for your living room will do wonders for your space, and you could turn heads in no time with a little help from Mema Designs. In this article, we will take a look at some tips and tricks for picking the perfect lighting additions for your living room as well as point you in the right direction depending on your personal lighting preferences. 

Make a strong statement

Lighting features can serve multiple functions beyond simply providing a light source. In fact, lighting can be a focal point in and of itself should you choose to add a statement light to your living room. A diamond chandelier, for example, is a lighting fixture that is intentionally overstated and draws a visitor’s eyes upwards towards the roof where its crystal facade glitters with the warm light. Both beautiful in its construction and functional in its ability to direct the gaze, this lighting piece may help the living room appear larger as visitors are drawn to look around the room rather than towards the floor. Furthermore, chandeliers such as this one are crafted in such a way to cast enchanting shadows onto the ceiling and, as a result, provide an additional dimension to the room. Shades of bronze, gold, and denim elevate the design and accentuate its statement. 

Establish the atmosphere

Part of the charm of curating your lighting features is the ability to establish your living room’s unique atmosphere. It is through lights propagating and reflective qualities that you can create several distinct ambiences depending on the mood of your evening. When considering atmospheric lighting additions, you should start thinking about lighting as a piece of art that can be placed against a bare wall or in a nook in the living room to heighten the appeal of these areas. For example, making use of the dramatic reflections of a sconce light may accentuate certain spaces of the room. These dramatic back-lit fixtures project light onto other surfaces and bounce it back towards the wall, creating silhouettes and establishing ambience within specific focal points of one’s living room. Besides sconce lights, the atmosphere can be established through the design of a light fixture as well as its reflective properties. Distinct fittings curated for discerning buyers, such as petal lights, are unique lighting solutions that set the tone of a room through visually appealing aesthetic properties. Lights this creative say a lot about their owners, defining one’s living room atmosphere even before being turned on.

Create more drama

Fixtures can go a step beyond filling a room with light and can be used to create drama through highlighting other features in one’s living room. For example, a row of spotlights may be fitted on tracks beneath a gorgeous painting to bring a visitor’s attention to the painting itself. In this way, lighting becomes a part of the art, elevating its command over the room and highlighting certain qualities in the piece. From paintings to sculptures, lighting can be used to emphasise one’s cherished pieces and support their place in the living room. 

Let light become art

You may take the concept of creating drama one step further by, instead of emphasising specific art pieces within your living room, turning your light fixtures into art exhibits themselves. Mema Designs prides itself in curating elaborate lighting installations that work alongside stunning architecture to form elegant works of art. These displays and installations are given an exceptional amount of thought and are produced on a grand scale, however, the idea of creating light art can be brought into one’s living room easily with an understanding of scale. Playing with  sizes, dimensions, and numbers of hanging lights is one way of creating a light display that forms the focal point of a living room in the same way a chandelier does.

While these are a few factors to consider when picking the best lighting for your living room, the beauty of lighting is the ability to mould and shape it through the curation of your unique fixtures. Through aesthetic, placement, and knowledge of how light interacts within a space, you may set a wonderful atmosphere in your living room in no time.

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