South African lighting design studio, Mema Designs, creates unique products using woven aluminium mesh fabric.

A collaborative venture, the products were initially developed by Sian Eliot and Ari Geva. The company is now owned and run solely by Eliot, who designs and manufactured the work in collaboration with several artists and engineers.

“Our fine lighting pieces are exquisitely crafted and could be described as jewellery for architecture. They are made from both finely engineered electrical and mechanical components, as well as beautifully crafted handmade shades and elements.

Our commitment to the project is to make beautiful and inspiring objects which lift people’s spirits and minds. Our natural sense of adventure, determination, and playfulness propels us through years of learning and experimentation, culminating in an utterly unique process and series of products.

Please share in our experience – by enjoying the results as much as we do!”

The Mema workshop is in the thriving city of Johannesburg; the perfect place to bring together the unparalleled art, craft, and engineering practices which abound in the city.

Interviews with Mema

Our Process

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